E-style design

We’ve created E-style to bridge the gap between in person visits! With this option, you can send us a photo of the space you’d like help with, and we can come up with options to style it! This is a simple way for you to refresh your spaces and incorporate some new decor to freshen it up! 

With this option you’ll get an hour of virtual time. You’ll send me a photo and let me know what you’d like help with. We’ll come up with a design for you! If you end up spending over $150 in Adourn decor, we’ll offer you a 15% discount for using our E-style services!

Examples it ways to use this service:

• if you would like your fireplace mantle staged

• if you would like me to find hardware for your kitchen cabinets 

• if you would like a dining room table-scape done

• if you would like some of your shelving styled

• if you’d like a help designing and positioning wall art

• or anything else we can help with!

All of these are examples of things we can do via email and photos. Send me a photo of your space, and I’ll style it for you! We can use decor from Adourn, source other items, or we can incorporate a few of your existing pieces! 

• After you purchase this hour of E-style, we’ll email you with the email address you provide at checkout. We’ll then have you send us a photo of your space and we’ll get started! 

• Once the space is completed, we’ll schedule a time for a curbside pick-up, or a delivery! 

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