We’ve created E-style to bridge the gap between in person visits! With this option, we can chat via email, FaceTime, or whatever works best for you! I can help you style a particular area of your home, help guide you in design decisions, do selections for you, or do personal online shopping to complete your space. 

We can first chat over email to get an idea for the scope of your project, and then decide which steps to take from there! 

I’ve also set up an option, if you’d like an hour of virtual time, for example:

• if you would like your fireplace mantle staged

• if you would like me to find hardware for your kitchen cabinets 

• if you would like a dining room table-scape done

All of these are examples of things we can do via email and photos. Send me a photo of your space, I’ll style it for you! I have decor at Adourn, or will source other items,  or we can incorporate a few of your existing pieces!